Ubuntu Installation Guide - Ubuntu 12.10


This post covers the standard installation process for the current version of Ubuntu (12.10). Dual Booting, Full Disk Encryption and LVM are also covered in the post.

Reading time:
1 min
  • A copy of Ubuntu 12.10
  • Ubuntu LiveUSB or LiveDVD - Follow one of the links if you do not have one.
  • System with minimum:
    • 1 GHz processor
    • 512 MiB RAM
    • 4.9 GB of hard-drive space
    • DVD drive or a USB port for installation media
  • (optional) Internet access for updates and extra packages

Installation process

  1. Insert installation media (DVD or USB) into your machine.

    Turn on or restart your machine. You should see a welcome screen like the one below.

    Note: If your computer doesn’t automatically boot from the DVD/USB, you might need to press F12 to access the boot menu or change the boot order in the BIOS which may be accessed using either F2, F10, F12 depending on your machine.

    Some systems will not be able to boot from USB however most newer machines should be able to.

    Click 'Install Ubuntu'.

    Note: 'Try Ubuntu' will let you run Ubuntu from your installation media without actually installing it.

  2. On the next screen I would recommend you select both options here (internet connection required). The first option will make sure you have all the latest updates while the second is needed to use Flash, MP3 files, DVDs among others. Click 'Continue'.

  3. To erase the disk and Install Ubuntu just click 'Continue'.

    If you have another OS already installed you may need to select something like 'Replace Windows 7 with Ubuntu' before you click 'Continue'.

    Note: See below for more details on the other options or if you would like to install alongside another OS (Dual Boot) for example Windows 7.

    Select 'Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security' and 'Use LVM with the new Ubuntu installation', then click 'Continue'.

    (For more information about LVM, you may find our Logical Volume Management Guide useful).

    Enter a security key that you can remember, then click 'Install Now'.

    Note: You will be required to enter the security key each time your computer starts.

    Select 'Something else', then click 'Continue'.

    Here you can manually configure the drive, once you are done click 'Install Now'.

    Select 'Install Ubuntu alongside (Other OS)', then click 'Continue'.

    Allocate drive space by dragging the divider, then click 'Install Now'.

    You will be asked confirm the changes to the disk, click 'Continue'.

  4. Select a location and click 'Continue'.

  5. Choose your keyboard layout and click 'Continue'.

  6. Choose a username, a password you will remember and click 'Continue'.

  7. Ubuntu will now be installed. While you wait you can browse through the slideshow to find out more about Ubuntu 12.10

  8. Once the Installation is complete you will need to click 'Restart Now'

  9. Upon restarting you will be greeted by the 'Unity Greeter'. To log in Enter your password and hit Enter.

    If you have more than one OS installed you will first see the GRUB menu. The GRUB menu lets you select which OS you would like your system to boot. Select an OS using the arrows keys on your keyboard then hit Enter to boot your OS.

    Enjoy your new installation of Ubuntu 12.10

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